Our motto is "Let us bring the party to you!".

London Hot Tub Rentals specializes in the rental of no-hassle, self-contained, portable hot tubs for your soaking pleasure. We have tubs in all sizes from cozy 2-person tubs to giant 10-person tubs to suit your specific needs.

Birthdays and Sporting Events are at the top of the list for reasons to rent a hot tub, but believe us when we say ... we've seen it all. Family reunions (really get to know those relatives), anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms (yes it's true!) and for every holiday to every celebration. It's about having fun and hopefully making your party (or baptism) something to remember.

Prices vary depending on the time of year ( i.e. holidays, playoffs, cold-snaps, etc. ) and for how long you want the tub. Nothing is cast in stone - except our motto - and we are extremely flexible to your needs.

Check out our HOT TUBS FOR RENT to find the one that's right for you.

Got a question? Give us a call. Reservations are always recommended.

Happy Soaking!

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